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Common Ground: 2000 Selections

The book club came to life in early 2000 as a sponsored subgroup of CGM. Michael Evans organized the club and recommended that for our first year, we use the book list from a similar club meeting in Nashua. After that, the CGM club members made the book selections at the end of each year. Mike served as our moderator through 2004. George and Jeremy reviewed most selections; their reviews appeared each month in Identity, the newsletter of Seacoast Gay Men.

Date Monthly Selection(s) Author(s) Reviews
Feb 8
Autopornography Scott O'Hara Jeremy George
Mar 14
The Men with the Pink Triangle Heinz Heger Jeremy George
Apr 11
Openly Bob Bob Smith Jeremy George
May 9
Young Man from the Provinces Alan Helms Jeremy George
Jun 13
The Front Runner Patricia Nell Warren Jeremy George
Jul 11
Stonewall Martin Duberman Jeremy George
Aug 8
A Place at the Table Bruce Bawer   George
Sep 12
Harlan's Race Patricia Nell Warren Jeremy George
Oct 10
Becoming a Man Paul Monette   George
Nov 14
A Well-Ordered Life Lawrence Kinsman Jeremy George
Dec 12
Farm Boys Will Fellows Jeremy  

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