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Common Ground: 2002 Selections

Michael Evans continued as moderator in 2002. George and Jeremy reviewed most selections; their reviews appeared each month in Identity, the newsletter of Seacoast Gay Men.

Date Monthly Selection(s) Author(s) Reviews
Jan 8
In September, The Light Changes Andrew Holleran Jeremy George
Feb 12
Vampire Vow Michael Schiefelbein Jeremy George
Mar 12
If You Were with Me, Everything Would Be All Right Ken Harvey Jeremy George
Apr 9
Behind the Mask Dave Pallone Jeremy George
May 14
In the City of Shy Hunters Tom Spanbauer Jeremy George
Jun 11
Angels in America, Part 1 Tony Kushner Jeremy George
Jul 9
Golden Men Harold Kooden, Ph.D. Jeremy George
Aug 13
Life...? Of the Christian Family D L Faulkner Jeremy George
Sep 10
The Dreyfus Affair, A Love Story Peter Lefcourt Jeremy George
Oct 8
Men on Men 2000 David Bergman   George
Nov 12
The Lure Felice Picano Jeremy George
Dec 10
The Marble Quilt David Leavitt Jeremy George

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