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In Memoriam...

This page honors the legacy of members who were a part of the CGM family. Please help us improve this page by submitting stories, photos, and anecdotes of the lives of these men. Thank you!

Milton W. Huckins, 1918-2013

When Milton first came to CGM, he introduced himself as the cover model of the Plymouth Main Street calendar, as well as the model for the month of August. From that moment on, you never quite knew what he was going to say. The photo at right is Milton at Seacoast Gay Men's 30th Anniversary party in 2009.

Stu Hibbard, 1936-2011

Stu arrived very early in CGM's history and remained active until he moved to Florida in 2004. If you were lucky enough to be on his mailing list, you could always count on a joke or other musing, usually with the subject "Moos from Cow Hampshire." And what did Stu select as his e-mail name? "Fossil."

James R. Fisher, 1972-2006

Jim will probably be best remembered at CGM as the impeccable Delores VanPill (photo at right), mother of Adam in our production of Adam and Steve's Gay Union Ceremony, held in January of 2003. Jim's stepfather created a memorial website for Jim, definitely worth a look.

James R. Bretz, 1945-2004

In the 1980s and 90s, Jim Bretz was probably the busiest volunteer for gay men and youth in central NH. He founded and managed the Gay Info Line, a telephone hotline that he encouraged to be used any time of day or night, for any reason. In addition, he founded and moderated Out and Proud, the predecessor men's group to CGM. Although Jim had moved to Boston by the time CGM got off the ground, we have always held a special place for the man who made it all possible.

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