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Meetings at CGM during 2010

Happy New Year! In celebration of 2010, we all met together to share our resolutions and goals. These included: losing weight, joining a gym, learning a new language, accepting others for who they are, accepting ourselves, and simply realizing that the smallest things can make us feel fresh and new again. We offered encouragement to meet new people, open our hearts and minds to one another, and share our hopes and struggles with our friends, as we each may be facing similar challenges. We should try new things to avoid stagnation. By not letting discouragement stand in the way, we can achieve our resolutions - and more!
Last night's game night was a complete success! 5 different games were being played at the same time as others simply socialized with each other. It's nice to just sit and relax every once and a while with men who have common interests.
We enjoyed an educational night as behavioral therapist Joseph Amico led a discussion on sexual addiction and promiscuity. His presentation permitted individuals to privately gauge themselves using a Sexual Addiction Screening Test adopted by professionals. He offered a valuable service of greater understanding to our community.
Tonight was a casual night of playing Charades. Eric A. hosted the game with a collection of his own words and phrases, participants also created their own.
Tonight was an open meeting with a focus on ideas. Members were able to offer suggestions for the future CGM meetings. We were also entertained as Bill Peterson and Charles Mitchell gave us a theatrical preview of the play they will be starring in at the Concord City Auditorium on Valentine's Day. Josiah Richards, from the Southern NH HIV/AIDS Task Force, was also present taking volunteers for anonymous surveys. The last half hour of the meeting was open for socializing.
Movie night: Female Trouble.
Happy Valentine's Day! Many members dressed in red and white. We shared our stories of former crushes, past loves, and those unforgettable first times. The meeting was very casual and social for everyone.
Craig St. Pierre, an underwriter for the Granite State Credit Union in Concord, gave us an understanding of our finances and what we can do with them. He maintained an open forum where members were able to ask questions and participate in the discussion.
Arts & Crafts night. Member Dean D. brought his friend Trisha to show us the arts of stained glass and Christmas card making using stamps. Trisha also presented candles she sells and offered a free candle in a raffle. Rod C. was declared the winner!
Game night, including Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly.
Estate planning, living wills, property and entitlement...what does the law mean for gay men in New Hampshire? Michael and Doug, attorneys representing Cleveland, Waters, and Bass, explained the legal intricacies of issues pertinent to our community. It was a very informative evening.
Vacation Ideas night. We shared our favorite places for entertainment, adventure, and relaxation. Dennis M. gave us a lot of information with regards to his favorite cruise ship vacations. The chocolate factory in San Francisco’s Ghirardelli Square, skiing in New Hampshire, visiting P-Town as a perennial favorite, Vegas, and Alaska were just a few of the other topics discussed.
Jeffrey hosted Speed Friending. This is CGM's way of helping members personally interact. Guys sat across from one another conversing back and forth for 5 minute intervals. We had a total of ten rotations! Everyone got to know each other better and had a great time.
Movie night: Julie and Julia.
Mike Boisvert was our guest. Mike is the founder of Gay Outdoors and presented an updated slide show featuring the trips hosted by GO over the past year.
"Be Attractive...It's the Law!" Steve Gamlin, an award-winning Professional Speaker, Entertainer, Author, and President of spoke on the Laws of Attraction. Have you ever wondered how important your attitude is in your life? When you wake up each day, how many clouds does the sky require to make it a bad day? Are you adrift on the river of life, allowing it to carry you where it desires? You have the ability to choose your destiny and take action to get there, while attracting the right people and circumstances to make it happen.
Open meeting.
Game night: Pictionary hosted by Jamie P.
Game night.
Panel discussion on being a gay father. What is it like? Did these men fall victim to the pressures of mainstream society or did they want this? Why have children? We got insight and understanding of what these men go through everyday.
Birthday celebration for the Rev. Robert Wood, who turned 87 today.
Our third annual Friends and Family Ice Cream Social and Fancy Desert Contest. As before, members were encouraged to bring friends and family members to experience CGM with them. Judges were required to sample at least 3 entries.
Movie night: Breakfast with Scot.
Queer Gabby, hosted by Joe H. Members were invited to submit written questions to the host.
Janson Wu joined GLAD’s legal staff in May 2006. GLAD is New England’s premier legal organization dedicated to ending discrimination against GLBT individuals and people living with HIV. GLAD is currently suing the federal government to overturn Section 3 of DOMA. In New Hampshire, GLAD has helped draft and supported the passage of the marriage equality bill, sued the state government for failing to provide domestic partner health benefits to gay and lesbian employees, and assisted a New Hampshire surviving partner of a woman who died on September 11, 2001 to ensure her equal treatment as a spouse in matters relating to probate and the federal fund for surviving family of 9/11 victims. Janson spoke more about the specific work that GLAD does in New England and New Hampshire, and took our questions.
The Rev. Charles LaFond returned to CGM to present "Non-violent Communication." Most of us communicate the way we were trained in childhood. Since it will take some decades before gay people grow up free of the fears and shame we experienced in youth, gay people in particular tend to be hyper vigilant in their relationships and communications with others. This workshop considered how we communicate in meetings, in coffee shops and in families. Poor communication often involves competition, judgment, demands and diagnosis in such a way that our communications is dealing with what seems “right” and what seems “wrong” to us at the time and from our own perspective. This kind of communication creates walls leading to anger, frustration and even emotional, social, relational and physical violence. Using the technology of Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D. and other leaders in peace-making, this presentation sought to promote a process of communications which transforms thinking, speaking and judgment into a more open and mutual communication which, in tern, deescalates tensions and opens pathways for mutual understanding resulting in empathetic listening, mutually satisfying outcomes, diffusion of anger, and heightened mutual trust between groups, families and even within an individual.
Game night, and our first meeting at the Wesley United Methodist Church.
Open meeting.
Open meeting.
Auction night, to help defray the cost of the 11th Anniversary party.
Drew Thomits hosted a presentation on Gay Men's Health Issues. Group discussion focused around each participant's interests and questions regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual health including but not limited to safer sex and STD/HIV prevention.
"Let's Go Cruzin'!" Several members own a classic car, and agreed to park them together at Arnie's in Concord. It was a night of hot cars and cool ice cream!
Game night.
Bill A. discussed the way our summer wardrobes reveal a lot about who we are on the outside. Tonight we learned a bit more about what exists beneath our suave Noel Coward/George Hamilton/Don Johnson (pick your generation) exteriors.
Jeffrey discussed how to be a Happy Healthy Homo! This meeting was all about the group learning how to joyfully deal with life's issues.
The Evolution of the Photographer. Jeremy is our host tonight and will demonstrate the 3 steps most photographers take on their journey from being a snapshooter to true photog.
Reggie B hosted a discussion on sexual monogamy versus open relationships. Where's the line between cheating, playing safely, 'contracts/agreements' between lovers, and exclusivity? Are gay men so sexual that they cannot be with only one partner? Is 'no-strings-attached' sex cheating?
Movie night: In & Out.
Game night.
Certified yoga instructor Sandie Perreault returned as our guest. Again she helped the attendees find inner peace through breath work, meditation and yoga postures.
Open discussion.
Paul Smith, LCMHC presented "In & Out of the Closet." Paul explored the traumas and triumphs of being in and coming out. Most gay men suffer from greater or lesser degrees of post-traumatic stress from the years of being confused and closeted and the effects of choosing to come out or not come out. We explored, released, celebrated, forgave (or not) the often lasting effects of our unique experiences as gay children, adolescents and adults working to claim our true and authentic identities.
Queer Gabby, hosted by Joe H. Members were invited to submit written questions to the host.
Rick Lawrence of Sabotaging the Bully, LLC was our guest. We hear a great deal these days about passive aggressive bullying, whether at work or school, destroying victim’s lives. Yet the highly subjective nature of bullying makes it nearly impossible to effectively implement programs to identify and stop clandestine campaigns of sabotage by one individual on another. The solution: train potential victims to recognize secretive bullying and how to sabotage and dismantle the bully’s subjective attacks one on one.
Campaign night: Board members discussed their roles, responsibilities, and accomplishments over the past year and offered advice to new candidates.
Movie night: The Sum of Us.
Game night.
Thanksgiving holiday - no meeting.
Annual Meeting and Election of officers.
Yankee Swap and Christmas party. This was the last meeting of 2010.

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