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Meetings at CGM during 2012

A roundtable of story-swapping on religion's affect on our upbringing. Pretty lively!
Come and join Jeff Whitney as he tells us about his dramatic weight loss. It's a three pahse program called Take Shape For Life.
We enjoyed a Halloween party with so many donuts that we held a hands-free donut eating contest!
28 enjoyed Van's self-made documentary of a trip he made around Corsica from a sailboat in 2007. The 40-minute presentation was a collage of photos, videos, narrated history, culture, and music. Excellent work!
We were treated to an overview and discussion of gay pioneer Rev. Robert Wood's 1960 book, Christ and the Homosexual, delivered by Bob P. As usual, Rev. Bob regaled us with stories from his long and rich past.
28 feasted at our annual after-Thanksgiving potluck. You've never seen so much variety of pasta and cheese, so little turkey, and OMG...someone made a cranberry ambrosia!
Annual Meeting Night!

Congrats to the 2013 board of directors, elected at last week's annual meeting!

Sam Vachon, president
Ramon Gaudet, vice-president
Jeremy Winnick, secretary
Dennis Guilmette, treasurer
Larry Ashford, at-large director
Michael Boyce, at-large director
Dean Davis, at-large director
Billy Gaudet, at-large director
Glenn Malec, at-large director
Glenn Mydosh, at-large director
Brian Sullivan, at-large director

The new board will take over on January 1!
Van entertained us tonight! His presentation of his trip to the Dodecanes in Greece were set to the dulcet sounds of the bouzouki, which included everything from ambient to trance! Many decided that a CGM trip on a sailboat to Greece would be awesome. Totally.
36 had a gay old time tonight at the annual Christmas party and Yankee Swap! Here, Quentin gives Larry an assist with his gift, which Quentin will want to keep. For the first time we had Micha joining us from Europe via Skype. Thanks to Bruce for the mobile hotspot!
18 enjoyed a free-flowing dialog that covered Christmas and the Black Friday phenomenon, the difference between being invited for drinks or coffee, the evolution of telephones and telephone service, the secret lives of our grandmothers, and a reading of Micha's Christmas card. A splendid final meeting for VP David!

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