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Archive of President's Messages

Starting with Bob Paradis, CGM presidents have used this page to provide messages and updates to the members.


Bob Paradis served as CGM's 6th president throughout 2011. Bob pitched the idea of a new page on the website for the president to reach out to the members and public with this: "When I was a Scoutmaster (in a former incarnation), my boys were trained to run their own events as well as meetings. At the very end of the weekly meetings they allowed me a Scoutmaster's minute, at which time I would speak to a certain scouting concept, or current public event relevant to a life's lesson. Therefore I propose a President's minute that can be updated somehow on the webpage instead of an announcement at a single meeting or using the FunList for a forum." And thus the "President's Minute" was born.

Jul 9
What I like about Capital Gay Men is that it is a diverse group of gay men. Our mission is to have affirmation and support, in a comfortable environment, without being of any particular religious affiliation or political party. That being said, there have been several instances in the last year and a half when the funlist was used for other purposes than its intended use. There have been several occasions when it was used for personal attacks and agendas. Thankfully, in some of these instances, members have either chosen to ignore the rhetoric or respond to that person directly rather than keeping it on the funlist. It's a nice way of the membership self-policing the funlist. Let's keep it for its intended purpose - announcements of small or large events which may interest the members. Occasionally, the board will also use it to communicate group business to you. And you may reach us at any time by sending a message to
Jul 10
I have been meaning to address something that we noticed earlier in the year. As you know, CGM is a non-profit organization that does have yearly expenses. These expenses are weekly rent of $75.00 for about fifty weeks, post office box and three special events - the ice cream social, Halloween party and the Yankee swap. Since we have no yearly dues (which is a big help to the secretary on record keeping), we do depend on our weekly personal donations. Our expenses run about $4,000.00 per year. This does not include the anniversary party which is mostly self-funded through ticket sales, personal donations and any excess (after expenses) from our weekly collections. That being said, I'm making a suggestion to the membership to contribute, if they can, three or four dollars a week. It would be ideal to average $80.00 per week in donations. Earlier this year, we started off weak but lately we have been meeting expectations. Thank you. Keep it up guys!
Sep 14
It has come to my attention that an individual whom no longer attends CGM functions, but was a previous member, and was listed on the contact list of CGM’s website was unwillingly contacted by a group outside of CGM. This incident is unfortunate but not preventable. We, as officers, are the only members with access to the database. The contact list is available to the membership and is entrusted to individuals on that list. The only control a member has is to limit certain personal information by updating his info or by the opting out of the list entirely. I strongly suggest that you think about how you feel about your information being out there and what your comfort level is. Please go to the website and look at the confidentiality notice posted with the fun-list. Get on the web site and log in using member login tab. Once in, look at the notice the secretary/webmaster has provided and make any changes that you are comfortable with. Bob P
Oct 7
Greetings Capital Gay Men members, I hope everyone that attended our 12th Anniversary Party at the Concord Country Club enjoyed themselves as much as my lover Reggie and I did. I would like to give my appreciation to several people. I would like to thank our special events committee chair Chris Toy for all his efforts on our behalf to set into motion another successful anniversary. I would like to recognize DJ Alan. Although he may have been a last minute replacement, we certainly feel we had the best DJ we could have asked for. Finally, I would like to give special thanks to Dennis Morrison (sorry you couldn’t be there) for an outstanding job on this year’s centerpieces. His work has always been a special part of our events. Bob P
Nov 19
Greetings fellow CGM members, This time of year one tends to reflect and be thankful for our families, friends, and good fortune. Times may be hard for many, but we have our health and the friendship of those who love and understand us. I would like to thank the members of CGM for letting me act as your president this past year. I appreciate your support, and would especially like to thank my fellow board members and other members in our group that have stepped up when necessary. I was fortunate to have a group of active and dedicated members. They made all the difference when it came down to weekly meetings or special events. We, as a group, were able to address issues that have come up with great team work and a sharing of ideas. It certainly made my job easier, thanks again. I will not be able to make the commitment again next year. I have personal tasks I would like to address. I will help and support the new board as well as our group in any way I can. I hope this board has restored a sense of calm, inspired a new interest, and encouraged participation from all of our members. Once again, I want to thank CGM members, the current board members, and the Wesley United Methodist Church for all you have done to make my tenure as president a success. I wish you all a happy and safe holiday season.

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