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The Queen's Corner: Notes from the President

Sam Vachon is serving as CGM's 7th president. Check back here periodically for updates. To access the 2011 notes entered by Bob Paradis, CGM's 6th president, click here.

Dec 5, 2015

On Friday we had our annual meeting and election for the 2016 board. I would like to congratulate and thank the following members for taking on these board positions:

President (princess) – Mike Boyce

VP – Bill Allen

Treasurer – John Parkerson

Secretary – Charles Hillen

I would like thank Jeremy who has held the VP position for the past two years. VP is the most time consuming and demanding position on the board and he did it with a smile – thanks honey – hugs!

For the past 16 years I have been a member of this group and it has changed a lot over the years. But one thing has not changed and that is the friendship and fun I have being a member. I look forward to seeing you guys on Friday’s and at events. CGM is a very unique group there are not many groups like ours so I treasure being a member and look forward to many more years of membership.

This is my last Queen’s Corner entry. It has been an honor to serve the group as President / Queen for the past 4 years. I leave knowing we have 60 registered members in the group, a healthy treasury and a full board of committed members.

So here is a royal wave from the Queen!


President / Queen

Nov 22, 2015

On Friday December 4th we will be holding our annual meeting and the elections for 2016 board. Each week at the meeting we have the signup sheets out for members to put their names down for the board positions they would like to run for. I want to thank all of you who have signed up for a position but we have 2 positions where no one has signed up to run! The position of President and Vice President has no name listed on the sheet to run!

CGM is what we make it and we only get out of it what we put into it. I know many of you have ideas about what would be good for the group – here is your opportunity to use those ideas. Come on I know there must be someone out there who would like to lead the meetings and schedule fun activities for the group!

I have enjoyed serving the group in the position of President / Queen for the past 4 years and look forward to attending many more meetings after my term has ended but that will only be possible if members want the group to continue and step up to make that happen.


President / Queen
Dec 7, 2014
Hey Guys,

On Friday December 5th we held our annual meeting and elections for CGM. No big news to report – it was a good year.

The election for the 2015 board was held – the elected members:

President – Sam Vachon

Vice President – Jeremy Winnick

Secretary – Charles Hillen

Treasurer – John Parkerson

At Large – Larry Ashford, Mike Boyce, Dean Davis, Bruce Mitchell and Chris Toy

The first board meeting for 2015 will be held on Friday January 23rd at 6 pm.

I would like to thank Dennis Guilmette (the accountress) for serving as the treasurer for the past 3 years. Dennis did an outstanding job keeping track of the money and preparing all the reports needed.


Sam Vachon


Aka The Queen

Nov 8, 2014
Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert – December 19th

Hey Guys,

Just a reminder that the deadline to sign up to attend the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus Christmas Concert is Friday November 21st. So far we have about 16 guys attending and we have room for more so if you are interested in attending sign up on Friday night. CGM is paying for the transportation; tickets are $35 per person. Deadline to pay for your ticket is also November 21st – I will be placing the order on November 22nd so we can all sit together I will need to have the money by this date to place the order. Please see me at the Friday meeting to take care of this. Oh also we will be stopping to grab dinner on the way down so you need to take care of this as well.

We will be leaving the church (where we have our meeting) at 5pm on December 19th, stopping for dinner and then attending the concert at 8pm. We will get back to the church before midnight.

There will be no regular meeting on Friday December 19th at the church.

If you have any questions just let me know.



CGM President

Aka The Queen

Oct 12, 2014
Hi Guys,

The board held it final meeting for 2014 on Friday. We have had a great year! Collections each week have been good and the treasury is sound. Attendance at the meetings has been up with some new faces added to our mix.

We have several events planned for the rest of this year and wanted to give you a heads up as to what they will be:

Keene Pumpkin Festival – Saturday October 18th - a group of CGM members will be attending this event, please contact John and Keen for details or if you would like to attend.

Halloween Bingo – Friday October 31st 7:30pm – we encourage you do come and play bingo in costume or drag, prizes will be given for the best costumes and drag. Winning bingo players will also receive a prize.

Day after Thanksgiving Pot Luck – Friday November 28th 7pm. Bring a dish to share.

Annual Meeting – Friday December 5th 7:30pm – Elections will be held this night, signup sheets for all positions are available every Friday at the meeting.

Yankee Swap and Pot Luck – Friday December 12th 7:30pm – Always a fun event! Bring a wrapped gift and a dish to share.

NH Gay Men’s Chorus Concord Concert – Saturday December 13th – Wesley United Methodist Church (where we meet every Friday) Concert starts at 7:30. This year CGM will host an information table during the intermission of the concert. If you'd like to man the table, please show up at the concert!

Boston Gay Men’s Christmas Concert – Friday December 19th – we will be leaving the church at 5pm to attend the 8pm concert. Tickets are $35 each; we will be stopping on the way to grab dinner. A signup sheet to attend will be at the Friday meetings, deadline to sign up is November 21st. Please note that there will be no meeting at the church this Friday.

Okay I think I have covered everything we have going on over the next few months. If you have any questions about anything of this feel free to contact me.



CGM President

Aka the Queen

Aug 21, 2014
Fellow CGMers,

On Saturday, September 13th, we will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary with a dinner and DJ at the Red Blazer in Concord. The dinner is a three choice buffet proceeded by appetizers and followed by a dessert buffet. An cash bar will be available all night. Alan, the famously acclaimed DJ from previous dinners will be entertaining us once again.

The tickets for this event are $30 per person payable by cash or check at our regular meetings either this Friday 8/22 or next 8/29 so don’t forget your cash or check book this or next Friday.

A little reality check now; so far there have only been sixteen tickets sold. We need a minimum of 30, necessary to meet the Blazer’s requirements. So if you have been procrastinating, please use this message as a little stimulation to jump to action. We need to give the Red Blazer our official count by September 2, so we need your intentions by Labor Day weekend.

This event has always been a good time. I can’t believe the members of a group called Capital GAY Men would miss a good party! C’mon and uphold the stereotype! So please come prepared in the next two meetings to join in the festivities."
Jun 27, 2014
45 years ago this weekend a bunch of fags, dykes and drag queens got fed up with being treated like second class citizens. They were sick and tired of being arrested and jailed if they danced with a person of the same sex, kissed a person of the same sex or even held hands with a person of the same sex. These people (human beings) started a riot, the Stonewall riot of 1969. This was the start of a revolution to have gay and lesbian people treated as human beings, so gay and lesbian people would be treated as equal to every other person in this country.

We have come a long way in 45 years, I am very lucky to live in New Hampshire where I am protected from discrimination in any form. If I fall in love with another man I can marry him and the state and federal government would recognize my marriage fully. Sadly for many gay and lesbian people they live in states where you can still be fired from a job if they find out you are gay and they cannot marry the person they love. Someday I hope every person in this country will have the rights and protections we have in NH.

None of the rights and protections I have today would be possible if the Stonewall patrons had not risen up to demand the right to be with the person they wanted to be with; to dance, kiss and hold hands with the person they wanted to be with. I think all they wanted was to go out and have a good time dancing and partying and not be arrested for this. I do not think they even dreamed it possible to legally marry the person they loved or to be openly gay.

I do not know any people that were at the Stonewall riot in 1969 – but they are my hero’s. Thank you for starting a revolution!


aka: the queen
Dec 7, 2013

On Friday December 6th we held our annual meeting and the election of the 2014 board.

Minuets of the Annual Meeting will be posted on the web site.

Here are the elected members of the 2014 board:

President (Queen) – Sam Vachon

Vice President – Jeremy Winnick

Treasurer – Dennis Guilmette

Secretary – no one ran for the position – the board may appoint a member to fill this post at the first board meeting to be held on January 10th.

At Large:

Larry Ashford

Michael Boyce

Bruce MacKay

Bob McCormick

Bruce Mitchell

Chris Toy

We would like to thank all the current board members for their work in the past year.

I look forward to working with the new board in 2014.



President / Queen
Oct 31, 2013
Guys, During the most recent board meeting Brian S. presented the group with the following article he had written. I ask you all to read this as it will be the topic of our meeting Brian will be facilitating on 11/8 "What is the Future of CGM?" `Thanks, Sam

It is getting time to remind everyone that we are approaching the date of the annual elections for CGM board positions. We should all begin thinking about the future of our group. CGM is viable only as long as the majority of us commit to its’ existence thru active participation in the group. This can be as a board member or regular attendee, and thru participation in CGM activities whether it be the potlucks, book club, movie nights or group discussions. As we look over the last few years, it is hard to miss seeing the cracks in the foundation.

Attendance is lower and less consistent. There are fewer “regulars” showing up.

Collections overall do not meet the expenses of the group. In an earlier meeting you were informed that it takes approximately $95.per week to run this group. That allows for our rent of $75. (which is greatly reduced from the church’s normal charge) and $20 for miscellaneous expenses which includes materials for Easter bonnet making, the ice cream social, Halloween party, Christmas party, PO box rental etc. While there have been a few notable collections of $ 100, many more weeks, in fact most weeks, of $50-$60 collections means we are slowly pulling down from our limited reserves.

Our vice president was awarded a promotion with relocation and resigned this summer. No one has stepped up to fill this position.

The annual dinner dance was cancelled due to our finances and a lack of volunteers to organize the event.

All that being said, there are still some positives.

There is a small group of people who do show up every week.

Bill Allen hosts the movie night at his home every month.

Chuck Morman hosts the book club each month.

We had a wonderful art show this year with a number of craftspeople from within our group and from the staff at Veanos.

Sam has managed to fill dual roles as president and vice president and rescued many meetings by pulling topics out of his chapeau, computer and radio to keep us entertained and draw us into discussions.

Jeremy continues to be our secretary and at the same time service the website, send email notices and do meeting setups as required and many minor duties as they crop up. All this brings me back to……what will the future of CGM be? Our active participation and support is required if we are going to continue meeting each week.

People are needed to host a meeting. This can be by managing a game night (remember the recent bingo night?), bringing topics for discussion (Gay Marriage Legislation, Are you married/committed to your one true love? Etc.) and acting as facilitator to keep conversation flowing, bringing short movies or slide shows (Van’s Travelogues, Things people inset into their bodies, etc), helping with the annual auction, Halloween or Christmas party and so on.

Our weekly collections need to increase to cover basic costs.

We will soon need to fill the board positions: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Board Members at Large.

We have to decide if we want this group to continue. If the answer is yes, we have to start thinking about how each of us can participate in its’ continuance. If you are unable to fill a position, you cannot sit still and wait for others to step forward. You should be talking to the members who you feel would be good choices and pledge your support and encourage them to run. Maybe all it would take is a commitment from you to get someone else to run. Or maybe you can run with a friend and serve together on the board. Or commit to a committee if your choice agrees to run.

I have enjoyed many years here at CGM. I have made numerous friends I would not have without our weekly meetings. Over the last decade I have served on the board multiple times under a number of officers, each with their own style. And despite a couple of contentious years, I do not regret any of my time with the CGM board. I just would hate to see our group fade away. There are more new friends I hope to meet here in the years ahead. Please think about our future…………………
Jul 20, 2013
Hey Guys,

Do you have a topic you would like to discuss at a Friday night meeting? It could be something in the news or a question you would like the group to discuss, if so we now have a forum for this. I am calling it ‘Hot Topics’ – all you have to do is send me an email and I will bring up your topic or question at an upcoming meeting. If you do not want your name attached to the topic that is fine I will be the only one who knows who sent it in if you like.

So if you have a ‘Hot Topic’ just send me an email at with ‘Hot Topic’ in the subject line and I will bring it up for discussion.



Aka the Queen
Jul 1, 2013
Hi Guys,

As most of you know Billy our VP has received a promotion at work and will soon be moving with Ramon to Maine. We are all very happy for them but with this move Billy will no longer be able to attend our meetings on a regular basis. This leaves the position of VP open; if you would be interested in filling this post until the end of the year that would be fabulous! The VP is in charge of programing the Friday night meeting each week and being sure someone is going to be available to unlock the doors, set up and lock up at the end of the meeting.

Start Friday July 5th we will have a signup sheet to host upcoming meetings available. If you have a game you would like to play with the group, a discussion topic you would like to talk about, a craft or hobby you would like to share or a recent trip you took and would like to discuss please pick a date and sign up to host.

CGM’s annual ice cream social will be held on Friday July 12th. This year we would like members to bring a topping to share like a potluck but only with toppings. Please invite family and friends that you think would enjoy this event to attend.

The next board meeting will be held on Friday July 26th at 6pm, all members are welcome to attend.



Aka the Queen
Apr 28, 2013
Hello Guys

During our recent board meeting we discussed the actual cost of running CGM on a yearly basis; total cost per year is about $4,680. To break this down the rent is $3,900 per year; the rest of the amount listed are expenses like the Easter bonnet making night, ice cream social, ads we run for the group, PO box rent, web site expenses and so on. In order to cover this we need to take in $90 per meeting – the issue is we have not. During the past couple of months we have been collecting about $60 per week. Just like you the group need’s to function with the money it has to work with, none of us can continue to survive if we are spending more than we are taking in!

We never want anyone in the group to feel they cannot afford to attend; we always ask that you give what you can when collecting money at the meeting but I ask that we all remember what the cost of running the group is when giving to the basket each week.

For those members who are unable to attend on a regular basis and are feeling generous you can always send a check to CGM, PO Box 985, Concord NH 03301. (Okay that was a shameless attempt to raise money!)

On another topic – at the board meeting we discussed our yearly anniversary party. For the past few years we have been holding it at the Concord Country Club. Last year the ticket price for the event was $40 – this was just to cover the cost of the meal; we had extra money last year so the DJ and other expenses were covered from our CGM treasury. With the money issue this year it does not look like we will be able to cover the DJ and other expenses so the ticket price would go up to about $50 per person. The board feels this is high so we are looking into other venues for the event or we may cancel the party this year. We will be holding a special board meeting on May 17th at 6:30 to discuss this, if you would like to discuss or have input please attend this meeting.



Aka the Queen
Jan 26, 2013
Guys – On Friday January 25th we held the first board meeting for 2013. I would like to share some changes to the CGM board for 2013.

Vice President – Due to some personal reasons Ramon has stepped down at VP, Billy will now be serving in this role for 2013. Ramon will stay on the board as a member at large.

Glenn Malec has resigned from his position as member at large on the CGM board.

Events Committee – Mike B will be heading up the events committee this year. This committee oversees the annual anniversary party, auction, Halloween party, Yankee swap and much more. If you would like to help with any of these please contact Mike.

Pot Lucks – Jeremy will be the keeper of the pot luck schedule for this year. If you would like to host a pot luck please contact Jeremy.

Dec 28, 2012
Happy New Year!

Hard to believe but 2012 is almost over, funny the older I get the faster time goes by!

The end of the year also brings a change to the board here at CGM – I would like to thank all the members of the board for serving this past year; it has been a pleasure to work with you. I would like to send a big thank you to David Touchette who has been the VP for the past year. David has done an outstanding job programming all the meetings for 2012 and has kept us entertained on many Friday nights.

Ramon will be taking over the position of VP (or princess since I am the queen) on the first Friday in January. At this meeting he will be asking what you would like to see happen at the meetings in 2013; topics you would like to discuss and if you would like to host a meeting he will have a signup sheet available.

I look forward to working with the members of the 2013 board and serving as CGM President (queen) for another year.

Sam Vachon

CGM President

Aka Queen

Nov 4, 2012
We are now in November and we all know what that means; it’s election time! Okay we are sick of the ad’s that have been running on TV for the past year but the election I am talking about is for the board of CGM. On December 7th we will have our annual meeting and elect the new members for the board. Our group is only as good as the members make it. I encourage you to run for a position on the board if you have idea’s to make the group better and/or to ensure the group continues to be something you want to belong to. Every Friday night during November there will be signup sheets at the meeting if you would like to run for a position.

The other night I was watching the SyFy channel and an ad came on for LGBT History month (October is LBGT History Month). Listed in the ad beside RuPaul, Kate Clinton and Glenn Burke was our own Rev. Robert Wood as one 31 gay pioneers featured for the month. What an honor it is to have this gay pioneer and icon as a member at CGM. On Friday November 9th Bob P. will be discussing Rev. Wood’s book ‘Christ and the Homosexual’ written in 1960; this was a ground breaking book in the gay movement. If you would like to read Rev. Wood’s bio here is the link for LGBT History Month web site:

Sep 12, 2012

We are not a political group so wanted to give you a heads up abou the meeting on Friday Sept 14th:

Paul Smith and David Victory two gay men from the Obama campaign will be here discussing with the group President Obama's relationship with and support of the gay community.
Aug 5, 2012
Due to recent developments within NH Pride-Fest organization and decisions that have been made by the group; Capital Gay Men has decided to follow NH GLSEN and NH PFLAG and withdraw our support as a group for this event.

I believe the NH Pride Fest organization worked very hard to make this event successful but some mistakes were made that have forced us to make the choice to pull our support. NH GLSEN and NH PFLAG reviewed all aspects of the event and did not feel they could support the event - CGM agrees with them.

We will not be marching as a group or staffing the booth, we have removed the link to NH Pride Fest from the CGM website.

Sam Vachon
Capital Gay Men
Jul 15, 2012

Guys I am very happy to let everyone know that CGM will be participating in the NH Pride Fest 2012 event to be held on August 11th at Veteran’s park in Manchester NH. The event starts at 12 noon and runs until 5pm. Following the event all are invited to the after party being put on by Club 313.

CGM will be marching in the parade with our new banner, line up for the parade is at 1pm and the parade starts at 1:30 – I am hoping for a very good turnout of members to march. The last time CGM marched as a group in a Pride event was 2001!

We rented a booth at the event to show our support; we will use the booth to give out information about our group and what we are all about. I am looking for members to staff the booth from 12 – 5, if enough people volunteer we should only have to do 1 hour shifts. For the next couple of Friday meetings I will have a sheet for volunteers to sign up to man the booth. Also we are looking for a canopy type tent to use during the event (does not have to be very big it is a small booth). If you have one and would be willing to let us use it for the day that would be great, just let me know via email or at the meeting.

We have a link on the CGM website to the NH Pride Fest page – there you can get the full schedule of events and learn more about what will be going on.

I am very excited that we will have a Pride celebration in NH this year!


Aka the Queen
Feb 5, 2012
Hi Guys,

During our most recent board meeting the topic of activities and events was discussed. As a group we have great monthly recurring activities to participate in:

Potlucks – check schedule on web site for date and location

Movie Club – held on the 4th Thursday of each month

Book Club – on the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Bowling – held on the 3rd Monday each month

These activities are fun and a great way to get together with other group members in a more casual setting than our Friday night meetings.

On the events side of the calendar we only have one item listed; the Anniversary Party held each year in September; this is a great event but the only one listed for this year. Would you like to see 2 or 3 events added to the calendar to increase the ‘fun’ factor of the group? I know I would and many of the board members thought the same.

To meet the goal to add events to our calendar we have formed an ‘Events Committee’ – this committee will oversee the Anniversary Party and come up with a couple other events for this year. Billy has volunteered to chair the committee and he is looking for other CGM members who would like to serve on the committee. If you would like to serve on the Events Committee please contact Billy he will be very happy to welcome you on board!

Jan 2, 2012
Happy New Year Guys! With a new year comes a new board here at CGM and I look forward to being part of the board for 2012.

The board for 2011 did an outstanding job and I want to thank each of the members for the time and effort put forth. I would like to especially thank Bob Paradis (President) for his leadership and guidance during a difficult year, he did a great job! Bill Allen (VP) who has the toughest job on the board gets a standing ovation from me for his dedication and time spent being sure we had a meeting every Friday night. It is not easy to keep this group happy and Bill did a fantastic job with his meeting program - THANK YOU BILL!

I look forward to the coming year, my whole agenda for the year will be having fun! We all have very busy lives and CGM needs to be a place where we can go relax, feel supported and have a good time. During the meeting on January 6th I will be looking for your input on meeting topics and activities you feel would be fun to do this year, hope to see many members in attendance.



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